Giving Gifts for Christening

Having a new child is certainly an important event for any family, and this is often celebrated by a christening or baptism, or sometimes a strictly non-religious baby naming ceremony. Equally important is providing a gift to celebrate the occasion, and gifts fall into two categories: gifts for the child, or gifts for the parents. There are several ready-made options available on the market to provide to either the young child or their parents.

Gifts for the Child

Being a child this means gifts for them are usually toys or clothing they can use now, or in the near future. However, some christening gifts can be more longstanding, and something for the child to keep through the years even as they become adults. Christening gifts can also be personalised, so that the receiver will always know and remember who gave it to them. Here are just some of the things you could give to a child on their christening that have a personal touch:

  • Something for now
    • Clothing with the child’s name on it
    • Bathing and towel set with embroidered name of the child
    • Wooden Name Train
    • Name-engraved wooden xylophone
    • Personalised Animal Clock
    • Keepsake Building Blocks
    • Personalised Prints
    • Soft Toys that bear the child’s name
  • Something for later
    • Engraved jewellery
    • Engraved cutlery set
    • Wooden ‘memory box’
    • St Christopher necklace with your initials

Gifts for the Parents

Whilst the main focus of a christening or baptism is the child, it’s often nice to remember the parents in their proud moment. Whilst most parents will insist they don’t require any gift to celebrate the arrival of their child into the world, it is still nice to give them a little something to show how much you care. Here are some examples of appropriate gifts for parents that celebrate a christening:

  • Height chart so they can watch as their child grows
  • Named photo frame
  • Keepsake christening shoes
  • Personalised christening or baptism print
  • Wooden star keepsake engraved with name and date of ceremony
  • New baby happiness tree

Giving the Right Gift

Above are just some examples of the gifts you could provide to either parent or child on their christening day. There are hundreds of other options. Greeting House is the largest stockists of christening gifts in the West Midlands. They have the widest range of christening cards in Birmingham to choose from, as well as hundreds of other gifts for children or adults. Their showroom is open every day, and it is easy to get to, just off the M6 near Walsall, so it’s worth going and taking a look if you need some christening gift ideas.

The Art of Gift Giving

Christening ceremonies are a wonderful way to mark the birth of a child, and it’s always nice to give a gift. Most people opt to provide a gift for the child, which can be age-appropriate, or something that can be used later or through the years. It’s also possible to give the parents something to celebrate the latest addition to their family, and there are also several options that make suitable gifts for them. The best christening gifts mark the occasion well, and provide a personal touch.