How Has Technology Made It Easier to Book Tables at Restaurants?

Technology is transforming the hospitality industry like never before. Gone are the days when you reach a restaurant at seven on a frigid Friday night thinking that by going early you will get the table and there is already a line-up. It was not only frustrating for the customers, but for the restaurant host/hostess as well. They often had to face the wrath of the annoyed customers.

If they did restaurant table booking beforehand, it turns out to be highly inefficient as the average no-show rate is around 15 percent. After juggling between walk-ins, overbooking and placing time limits on the reserved tables, the restaurants have finally found the answer to the problem that was sapping their revenue for long.

They are now using technology to manage their seating. Using apps and technology has actually created a revolution in the industry by managing guests and operations. These apps help in discovering, booking, and managing restaurant reservations and all this is free and instant. These apps work 24×7 and you can access it from anywhere. They also show the various offers that exist at a particular restaurant so that the user can make use of it.

Let us see how technology is helping both the restaurants and the patrons.

Help in Optimising the Process

These apps provide a complete ecosystem that helps in automating the entire guest handling management. It lets the restaurant managers handle the incoming guests and reservations coming through calls efficiently and assign them tables with ease. Once the table is reserved, the user also is also notified through an SMS. The apps also help the users by providing details like location of the place, distance, if there is valet parking available, menu and the reviews of the restaurant. All these help the users in making an informed choice.

Provide an Apt Selection of Restaurants

The apps make use of geo-location technologies that are combined with restaurant availability. This helps the diners to see the options available in the area of their preference. Also, by making use of various filters available, a person can choose an appropriate place and cuisine that is perfect for both the occasion and the budget.

Improves Guest Experience

This is a hospitality industry and customer satisfaction is the most important. If the customer feels inconvenient either before, during or after the meal then the chances of him/her coming back again or recommending it to a friend diminishes. As the apps help in booking tables with ease, so does it help in paying the bill too after the meals. They need not worry about their wallets, credit cards etc. They can pay the bill using their phones.

Provide Platforms to Engage with Guests

These apps help the restaurants to reach their potential audiences in a much powerful manner. They can announce the new menu items, some special promotions and gigs, discounts, happy hours etc. on this platform. This helps in creating some unparalleled branding opportunities. Also, the reviews of the customers help the restaurants in improving.

Give a Personal Touch to the Service

The apps help the restaurants to keep the notes about their guests. Thus, if they get repeat customer, they know about their choice and preferences. They are then able to provide them with an outstanding guest experience every time they visit that particular restaurant. This makes the guests feel valued and pampered and they are more likely to make repeat visits, which are important for a thriving business.

The technology is a win-win solution for both the guests and the restaurants and both are adopting it with open arms.