Maskulo Is the Sexiest Underwear Brand for Fit Men

It seems like brands these days keep coming out with the same, plain shorts and leggings with no imagination or ingenuity. Are you sick of the same, old, boring bottoms? Then, look no further! Maskulo has your back. For the daring, edgy and playful, Maskulo sells a premium collection of underwear, tights, shorts and leggings guaranteed to boost your sex appeal!

Exclusively sold on, you’ll find Maskulo’s latest collection of underwear, gym clothing and fetish gear that’s specially designed for men that love working out and looking good.

Leggings can be basic, but Maskulo takes it to an even hotter level.

Ever saw a pair of mens tights and thought, what is so special about them? Maskulo basically took on the challenge of recreating sexy leggings for men.

What separates regular tights from Maskulo leggings is the strategic leg padding that’s perfect for boosting the appearance of muscle mass. Whether it’s kickboxing, weightlifting or fighting crime, these tights offer maximum comfort and performance. In addition, Maskulo uses a poly-blend fabric to wick moisture.

Their tights not only boost performance, but also look extremely sexy. Maskulo doesn’t hold back from creating tights that’ll enhance your bulge. For both gym lovers and thrill seekers, this is the perfect combination of activewear and fetishwear. In fact, most of their designs will enhance almost any body part, including your calves and quads!

Did you know that Maskulo has one of the most versatile shorts ever created?

Talk about sexy activewear! Maskulo designed beautifully sculpted shorts guaranteed to have mouths drooling. With a pair like this, get ready to be hit on both in and out of the gym. Maskulo’s latest spandex shorts feature padding that enhances the quads, and it comes with a detachable crotch. This extremely versatile activewear piece even has an open crotch hole with four snap-button closures, especially great if you need to get sexy real quick. In addition, the material used is a lightweight spandex blend for extra movement, especially if you’re moving your hips back and forth.

Available in black and blue, this is the ultimate fetish gear that also makes a great piece to wear with athleisure. For active guys at the gym, these versatile shorts are a must have for anyone that wants to boost their figure without the hassle of invasive procedures.

Want an accessory that holds your belongings, but still looks sexy?

Maskulo is an obvious choice. The workout armband wallet by Maskulo is a black, faux-leather wallet that you wrap around your bicep. Made to highlight your arm muscles, this armband wallet has skinny, elastic laces for an extremely comfortable fit. In addition, it contains a hidden zipper interior to fit small items that your regular wallet could hold, like credit cards, keys and, most importantly, condoms. This is a great alternative for you gym goers that want to look sexy, but want to avoid that annoying bulge your wallet makes on your joggers. The Maskulo logo is also on the wallet just to remind the other boys who the sexiest is.

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