Six Tips for Spotting High-Quality Leather

Purchasing leather products is an investment. But shopping for these items can be confusing. The market is full of cheap fake leathers that tend to break down even before you get the true return of your investment. That is why you will want to know how to spot a well-made leather product and avoid the overpriced fake ones. The tips below will help you.

Examine the Leather

It is important to watch out for leather which seems to have a painted finish or has materials that smell like vinyl. Try to pull and bend the leather if possible. A high-quality one should not have signs of tearing and breaking. Also, a leather product is high-quality when it doesn’t feel heavy.

 Check the Burnishing

A good Italian leather good must have polished and burnished edges which serve as protection from the elements. Incorrectly polished or burnished edges allow moisture to seep in and cause rot. Leather products like a leather wallet and card holder are especially prone to moisture and deterioration. You will know that edges are made perfectly when they fuse several layers of leather into one.

Think about the Cut

It is important for leather to be cut in a way which follows the direction in which the leathers’ grain follows. The artisan will also cut a hide to avoid scars or imperfections in the leather.

Evaluate the Stitching

Saddle stitching and hand-done stitching is a type of craftsmanship. But machine stitching tends to look more precise, organized and tight. When it comes to the leather product’s overall quality, the quality of stitching is a big factor.

Consider the Zippers and Hardware

In general, brass is the choice for a quality zipper with platings in copper or nickel. High-quality zippers are made with teeth that are not sharp. Also, the zip-slider must be made from brass instead of metal.  In addition, hardware like buckles, d-rings and rivers must be made from solid brass although nickel, silver, bronze and copper can also be used. The hardware should have clean finish, depicting no cast lines.

Examine the Handles and Straps

Handles of leather products must feel comfortable and sturdy in your hand. They have to be fabricated from several layers of stacked leather. Also, consider how the carrying straps or handles are anchored to the bag. If they are stitched, there must be additional layer of tack stitching at the point where the handle and bag meet.