What Are The Advantages Of An Electric Bike Over A Motorbike?

Millions of people ride motorbikes every day. Some people use them to commute to and from work, whilst other people like to take them out on the open road at the weekends and gun the throttle. If you ride a motorbike on a regular basis, you might want to consider switching to an electric bike, at least for a short while.

The electric bike has several advantages over a motorbike. What are the advantages?

You Will Not Be Using Petrol Or Diesel

The main advantage of buying an electric bike from Roodog is that it does not use any petrol or diesel in order to run properly. This is something that you cannot avoid when you are riding a traditional motorbike. Even though the electric bike uses coal-powered electricity when you are charging the battery, the energy consumption is much less than if you were filling up the tank of your motorbike with diesel or petrol and then burning it.

People who are interested in eco-friendly products should definitely consider riding an electric bike instead of a traditional motorbike. You can measure the amount of electricity that your bicycle is consuming.

You Will Be Travelling Slower And Reduce The Risks Of An Accident

Motorbikes make up 0.2% of road users in the UK, but they account for 41% of road deaths every year. This is according to the road safety organisation THINK! This highlights the fact that many people who drive cars may be unfamiliar with how to drive when there is motorbikes present. Car drivers tend to give bicycle riders a wider berth.

This means that you are going to be safer when you are riding an electric bike than if you are on a motorbike. You should still wear all the necessary protective equipment when you are riding an electric bicycle. This includes a sturdy helmet, visibility jacket and elbow pads. You might also want to wear a gum shield to protect your teeth if you happen to fall off your bicycle during a crash.

You Can Fold Your Bike Away

Space can be a problem when you are riding a motorbike. You might find that there are limited parking spaces when you reach your destination. This can cause you to ride around in order to find a parking space. You might end up parking for away from your destination, causing you to waste time by walking.

When you arrive at your destination on an electric bike, you do not have to worry about finding a space and wasting time. Instead, you can fold the bike up and put it inside a special case.

You Can Get Some Physical Exercise

Riding on a motorbike exercises your upper body, but when you drive an electric bike you will be improving your lower body strength immeasurably. You can then use this lower body strength for other sports such as ju-jitsu.

You should consider riding an electric bike instead of a traditional motorbike.