Why You Shouldn’t Buy a 6 Inch Wheel Hoverboard

It takes a certain skill to ride a hoverboard or “self-balancing scooter”. A lot of riders have experienced falling from their board more than once. Some have also sustained injuries. But this does not discourage people from using the hoverboard since it’s fun driving them.

Hoverboards have three wheel sizes, the 6, 8 and 10 inches. Among the three models, the 6 incher is the more popular one since it’s cheaper and lighter to carry. But in reality, the 8 and 10 inch wheel models are far more superior to the small wheel hoverboard. Here are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t buy the 6 inch wheel hoverboard.

The 6 Inch Wheel Hoverboard is Less Stable

Many experts agree that the 6 inch wheel is less stable to drive than its bigger wheel counterparts. The small wheel hoverboard has the nasty habit of stopping unexpectedly once it hits a medium-sized stone or uneven surface. On the other hand, the bigger wheel models like the 8 and 10 inches offer a more stable ride. Uneven surfaces will not hinder drivers of these big wheel hoverboards.

Small Wheel Hoverboards are More Prone to Accidents

The sudden stop of the 6 inch wheel usually causes the driver to fall off. When this happens, people tend to get hurt. Parents should take note of this before they buy a hoverboard for their kids. Bigger wheel hoverboards offer better protection from falls and injuries compared to the 6 inch.

6 Inch Board is Limited to Indoors or Smooth Surfaces

The small wheel hoverboard is more suited to be used indoors or in places with smooth surfaces. People who use the hoverboard for traveling usually encounter a lot of obstacles and rough terrain. This makes the 6 inch wheel unsuitable for use outside the home. So if you want to use the hoverboard for traveling outside your house or neighborhood, get the bigger wheels.

The Small Wheel Model is Slower

A lot of 6 inch hoverboard typically runs at around 7 mph. This is slower than the 10 inch wheel model that can run up to 9 mph. The 6 inch wheel is cheaper than the bigger wheel models but you will have to sacrifice speed. If you want a faster hoverboard, it’s better to shell out more money for the 8 or 10 inches model.

The 6 Inch Hoverboard Has Limited Weight Capacity

The 6 inch model can only carry a weight of up to 220 lbs. Beyond that, the small wheel board’s 7 mph slows down to a crawl or may not even move at all. Adult or heavy drivers should get the 8 or 10 inch wheel hoverboard if they want to enjoy driving it. There is no sense in getting a cheaper small wheel model if you cannot use it. There are also instances where a 6 inch wheel hoverboard broke apart when heavy riders used them.

The 6 Inch Wheel is Not Suitable for Transportation

The small wheel hoverboard is also popular because of its lighter weight. Drivers can perform spins and tricks just like a regular skateboard. However, it’s not a good transportation tool.  If you want to do a lot traveling with the hoverboard, it is better to pick the bigger wheels instead. Another reason for small wheel’s popularity is its maneuverability. Fortunately, the 8 inch wheel model offers a reasonable compromise between maneuverability and use as a transportation device.

The Bigger Wheel Hoverboards Have Inflatable Tires

One of the advantages of the 10 inch wheel hoverboard is its inflatable tires. It allows the driver to enjoy a smoother ride compared to the 6 inch model. This is also the reason why it can travel faster than its smaller wheel counterparts. Additionally, inflatable tires could be repaired rather than replaced.


The 6 inch wheel hoverboard has the advantage of cheaper price and maneuverability. However, it has limited use compared to the 8 and 10 inch models. Drivers can only use it on smooth surfaces only unlike the bigger wheels. It’s slower and cannot carry drivers who weigh over 220 lbs. The 6 inch model is good for tricks and spins but little else. On the other hand, the 8 and 10 inch wheel hoverboards present a viable transportation tool.