4 Professional Tips for Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizing is a miraculous way for people to enjoy cannabis. It provides a reliable and powerful way to utilize cannabis in both medicinal and recreation way, with zero health risks of smoking. Vaporizers are gradually becoming a household necessity for the regular users. They are portable and affordable as well. No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, here are some tips for vaping dry herb like a pro.

  1. Always use dry herb

The fresh herb is always the best. Keep in mind that you can make the best of the vaping experience by using the best vaporizers for dry herb. The procedure of vaporizing is reliable on the moisture as it involves a hot substance where the compounds in it reach their boiling point and create a vapour. The vapour can be inhaled very much like the smoke. Thus, it is always the best practice to use a fresh herb which has high moisture concentrations. The herbs loaded in the chamber must not be too dry or too wet. The best way to test the moisture is by touching it. It shouldn’t be wet or moist to the touch, and not too dry that it can be crushed into a fine powder with your fingers.


  1. Grind it right.

Once you have checked the weed and is found fit for vaping, it’s time to grind it. Grinding helps in enhancing the surface area. Consequently, it lets the heat from the vaporizer to penetrate the plant matter better and evoke a nice, thick and tasty vapour. When it comes to vaping the dry hers, ensure that you get a nice, even, and a medium grind. Use a manual or an electric herb grinder to achieve the best results. If you have none of these, grind up the weed like you usually do. Just make sure that if you want an even grind, it can only be attained with a proper weed grinder. Never grind more weed than you require to fill one chamber. Any leftover weed will dry up faster.

  1. Pack it tightly, but not too tight

It is similar to smoking from a pipe or bong, the method by you pack the vape chamber has a significant effect on the overall experience. You will want to seek the sweet spot of packing the chamber with herb so as to evoke a significant amount of vapor, without overdoing it. At the same time, avoid over packing it, as it may impact the flow of vapour from the chamber to the mouthpiece. Many times over packing can also cause significant damage to the inside of your vape.

  1. Inhale gradually and lightly

Take small and slow drags. When vapes were new, it was a trend to take big and long drags from the mouthpiece. There were two drawbacks in this method: firstly, taking big and long puffs will cause the weed to be sucked up from the chamber via the mouthpiece, and into the mouth. Secondly, it can cause cold air into the chamber which brings down the temperature of the vape, harming the machine and the quality of the vapour.

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