5 Baby Shopping Activity Toys For 3 Months


Three months – this is the time that your babies learn how wonderful it is to do things through their hands since they not clenching their fists anymore. During this stage, they can already hold toys placed in their hands. They can now reach things, which attract them.

Sooner or later, they can now pass these toys from one hand to another hand. Not only that, he can also  start moving his or her wrist around right he or she pop it inside his mouth. So, it is a must for you to check toy labels to ensure that they are chewing safe stuff. Also, don’t attach playpen or toys to their crib with string or elastic since this might trap or strangle your cute babies.

With that, here are some suggested baby activity toys for 3 months from Little Smiles you should shop for them:

Activity bars

Usually fitted with plastic or plush toys, this will perfectly fit all over car seat, infant sea or stroller.  Your little angel could now enjoy long hours of trip through exploring everything that interest him/her.

Crib mobiles                                                                              

Brightly-colored things appeal to babies particularly if they make nice music or moves. With crib mobile,  you can let them learn that life is not boring though. However, you should use this one if and only if can’t still take a seat on his own. Don’t ever forget about safety precautions. It must not contain any parts such as dangling strings, which can be easily reached by your little ones. As much as possible, keep mobile 8-14 inches away from your angel’s eyes. Detach it when you’ve notice that they can already push it through their knees and hands.

Lightweight rattles

 Your tot loves creating noise.  There are instances that when they have rattle, you’ll observe that they are fond of shaking them up.  If that’s the case, add some music with good beat. At this stage, babies like music and just getting to know more about rhythm. In buying rattles, choose something made from durable materials and don’t have any small parts that they can possibly swallow.


Vibrant teething rings

Rubber ring is the best solution for sore gums among babies. Keep these teethers inside your refrigerator to give your baby cold relief whenever she needs one. However, don’t every try to put these on the freezer. This can badly hurt your baby’s delicate lips and gums.

Activity playmats and quilts

Buying quilt doesn’t just help you while staying at home. They could also save you when in a hurry. Whether you want to stay in a certain hotel or like to picnic at the park, you could simply spread this on the floor so your tots could have a clean and familiar surface they can roll with.

Encourage them to learn and play          

Little Smiles wholesale toy distributor strongly suggests that you always respond to them whenever they are gurgling or cooing to encourage them to express themselves freely. By doing so, you babies could hear real sounds from the sound he or she hear and learn the essence of conversation.

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