6 Contemporary Formal Outfit Ideas

It’s not necessary that a formal outfit might always look boring. With the right styling techniques and a few minimalist aesthetics, you can add a dash of style to your formal look. We have curated a few looks that might help you out.

Look 1

White Regular Fit Shirt + Tapered Indigo Denim + Tan leather shoes

A white and indigo combination never goes out of style. You can pair it up with tan brogue shoes or oxfords. Select a perfect pair from the vast collection of leather shoes for men by Hidesign. You can also go for a leather belt to add an extra touch to this look. To make this simple outfit work for you, you have to be extra careful about the fit of your shirt and jeans.

Tip: Make sure that your belt matches your shoes.

Look 2

Chinos + White Shirt + Double Monk Shoes

You can go for navy chinos with a white shirt. It’s a combination that you can trust blindly. For an additional touch, you can wear a matching navy blazer or a cool grey blazer. With this outfit you can wear almost any kind of shoes. From white sneakers to sophisticated double monk shoes, you can wear anything and everything, depending upon the occasion.

Look 3

Dark Coloured Denims + A Shirt In A Lighter Shade + A Blazer + A Tie + Dress Shoes

This formal outfit is a perfect example of casual workwear. And, if jeans is your favourite buddy, then this might be the outfit for you. Whenever you’re in doubt about which shades you should wear, you can always go for navy and grey. These shades can never go wrong. You can add touch of class by pairing this outfit with a solid coloured tie, a balzer matching your denims and tan dress shoes.

Look 4

Light Grey Trousers + White Dress Shirt + Brown Formal Shoes

It’s a simple yet super versatile outfit. But, you can even dress up a bit by layering it with a grey blazer or a waistcoat. Pair it up with brown formal shoes and a matching belt to complete the look. You can shop for your ideal belt from the wide range of leather belts for men, available online on Hidesign.com and all other leading e-commerce portals.

Look 5

Light Check Shirt + Dark Pants + Formal Shoes

Maintaining a perfect balance of everything, this is a simple, impressive outfit which will neither make you look overdressed or underdressed. This is formal enough if you’re meeting someone for the first time and at the same time casual enough to keep you comfortable. If you’re wearing it for a little more formal occasion, you can team it up with a solid tie. Being such a smart and versatile outfit, you can wear it on any occasion. From going on a date to shopping or going out with friends right after office on Friday’s, this outfit will work best for you.

Look 6

Dark Blue Shirt + A Pair Of Denims + Black Shoes

This is a perfect outfit for hot summer days. Try wearing a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen. It’s ideal for someone who’s not very comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts, even on weekends. From spending time with your family at the mall to having a nice a dinner at your favourite restaurant, this can be an ideal outfit.

Whatever be the occasion, you always add an extra touch to that regular, boring formal outfit.