A Comprehensive Age-By-Age Guide To Buying Toys For Kids

Maybe you’re in the market for a good toy. With so many choices available, choosing one for your toddler can be difficult. Not a big problem, as we will help you find the right toys for your little one with our guide below.

Playtime is how children learn on their environment. The toys you give to them can play an essential role towards improving their whole playtime experience. When shopping for toys, it is important to search for items that are entertaining and appropriate to their age. Many online toy stores, such as Step2 Direct, offer these types of playing equipment.

How to get started?

Toys mostly accompany age recommendation, which is based on some factors (child’s age, expected motor skills, maturity level). Since toddlers mature at varying rates, you need to consider the ability of your child before making a purchase.

Birth to 1 year

During this age, children do not actually play. However, they’re curious on the color, shape, etc. of a thing. You can get your infant shrill bath toys, large balls with different colors or soft stuffed animals. You can even introduce him to the world of reading.

1 to 2 years old

In this phase, kids tend to explore. They are fueled by wonder and curiosity as possessed physical abilities, which make learning and playing easy for them. Some toy suggestions include kids pull along wagon, bath toys, water toys or wading pool, blocks and pop up toys

3 to 5 years old

At this age, kids start to play energetically with each other. They usually develop strong affections to their favorite toys and showing feelings to a teddy bear or doll they treasure a lot. Such toys appropriate for this age are puzzles, outdoor equipment, play cars, stuffed animals, etc.

6 to 9 years old

Make sure your kids keep learning in this age. Buying them sports equipment, board games, computer games or kids plastic slide from Step2 Direct is a good idea. You may also consider classic toys such as kites and marbles. Kids this age look for new experiences and information by craft and magic kits or others. Other recommended toys include paper dolls, action figures, construction toys, bicycle and helmet, model kits and art supplies.

10 to 12 years old

Children at this age start to develop long term hobbies and interests. They may also prefer getting involved in team sports and active play. You can buy your little one arts and crafts, electronic toys, sports equipment, remote-controlled vehicles or others. These toys are not only good for their physical development, but for their social skills as well.

Regardless of the age, you need to keep safety into your mind. Read up about the safety standards met by your preferred product to make sure it is really appropriate to your child. This way, you are allowing him to have an interesting, safe and enjoyable childhood.

Remember, age appropriateness is one of the keys to a successful toy purchase.  Have a great shopping experience with these tips in mind!


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