A Guide to Common Bar Equipment and Their Functions

If you’re new to owning a bar or bartending, you may not already know everything about all of the equipment involved in making drinks for customers. Or, if you’re looking to get involved in pubs or bartending, you may want to learn more about the tools of the trade. Whatever the case may be, there is a lot to be learned when it comes to bar equipment and what each tool is used for. With the right knowledge of how the tools of the trade work and are used, you’ll be able to better navigate your way around a bar and mixing drinks. To find out more, read on through this quick guide to common bar equipment and their functions.

While this is not a definitive or complete list of all pub supplies, this can be used as a reference for common bar tools that are used almost everyday in bars, pubs, and restaurants that serve alcohol.


Corkscrews are commonplace in every bar. They’re mostly used for prying the corks out of wine bottles, but you probably already knew that. The corkscrew is made to pierce and screw into the cork and can help you to pull it out in once piece, which is where the name corkscrew comes from.

Bottle Opener

If you’re familiar with corkscrews, you’re probably familiar with bottle openers. A bottle opener is usually metal and can be used to pry off tightly-sealed bottle lids when there isn’t a cork, simple as that.


Blenders used in bars are regularly high-powered, allowing for quick and thorough blending. They are regularly used to make frozen drinks that require crushed or blended ice, but they may also be used for other tasks as well, such as fruit purées.


A shaker is exactly what it sounds like. They are typically made of metal and used to shake and mix cocktail drinks. Generally, shakers can be divided into two categories, including those with their own lids and open mental cups, known as tins. A shaker with a lid is simple to use- simply pour in the ingredients and shake. With a tin, you’ll need to apply a pint glass to the top and form a tight seal before you shake.


Just as you would use measuring cups to bake a cake, you’d use jiggers to mix a drink. Jiggers are measuring cups and utensils designed specifically to be used to measure ingredients for alcoholic beverages. The set usually matches common measurements found in recipes, making any bartender’s or mixologist’s life a little easier.

Pour Spouts

Pour spouts are used to concentrate a liquid from a bottle to allow for easy, steady, measurable pouring every time. It’s a lot easier to make a drink when you know how much you’re pouring. Professionals also use a counting method when pouring to estimate how much liquor they are adding to a drink.

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