Advantages of using Hickies shoelaces

Imagine an athlete on the cusp of glory while running the 100 meter dash at the Olympics. If he trips and falls down, No one knows what happed to him until he revealing that he tripped on his shoelaces and hence lost the gold medal. If this could happen to the athlete on the world stage, it could happen to anyone like you and me anywhere. That could be a terrible embarrassment. Is there a solution to this problem? This is one in the form of Hickies, the elastic shoelaces.

“Elastic shoelaces, did I hear it right?” I have never heard of this concept before. This could be the reaction of many people when they read this article. We explain this concept to one and all.

Hickies – The Concept

This is a revolutionary concept where you use elastomer strips to fasten your shoes. These are small strips of rubber having elastic properties. You slip them through a pair of eyelets and fasten them by pressing the two ends together. This forms a strong bond and does not snap primarily because of its elastic nature. It can stretch according to the contours and movement of your feet. If that particular athlete had just used this contraption, he would have been standing on the podium with great pride instead of languishing in despair. This was just an example to show that traditional shoelaces have their demerits that can cause a lot of embarrassment and despair. The use of Hickies can well save you from this ordeal.

What are the advantages of using Hickies?

There are many advantages of using Hickies. Let us look at some of them in brief.

  • You do not have to waste your time learning how to tie shoelaces. No one can ever perfect the skill. The laces require adjusting on most occasions.
  • When you use the Hickies, you slip them on and fasten them. The shoes are ready to wear immediately. You save a tremendous time in tying the traditional shoelaces every time.
  • There are no ugly shoe lace tips flying all over the place. Your shoes look great when you use Hickies.
  • These elastic shoes come in different colors and sizes. Choose one that suits your shoe color. The best part of it all is that you can have one color for a day and change it the next day. Multicolor laces are also a fashion statement.
  • These elastomer strips can adjust to the movement of your feet. They expand and contract accordingly without providing any sort of discomfort to you.
  • Kids love them because it provides them the freedom. It saves them the trouble of having to learn the supposedly tough job of tying shoelaces.
  • These elastic shoelaces suit all kinds of shoes. You can use them with your formal shoes as well as your casual ones.
  • As they come in different colors, you can match the color of your shoelaces with the color of your dress.

The elastic shoelaces are a revolutionary invention. They are the first step towards pushing the traditional shoelaces out of business.