Advantages of Using Wrought Iron for Porch Railing and Handrails

A wrought iron railing can add beauty to any commercial or residential staircase. Whether design is elaborate or simple, wrought iron can easily display elegance and strength.

What Is Wrought Iron Handrail?

The wrought iron handrail is custom products which are available for both exterior and interior settings and can truly create an impact. With the designs varying from intricate scrolled patterns to simple lines, such hand- welded metal ornamental systems can easily make a style statement. Whether you are seeking a Tuscan elegance or geometric style, there are unlimited custom options available. The wrought iron handrail parts can be powder coated to make them more withstanding to time.

Advantages of Using Wrought Iron for Handrails

If there are some steps that lead to the entrance of your home, then you need to have a railing to protect people from falling. Wrought iron has been the most popular choice for porch railings and handrails for many years.

  • Safety

The porch railing or handrail made up of wrought iron can make steps to the entrance of your home safer. They can give people some support as they walk up to your front door or down back to the road. It can be extremely helpful, if it is raining or snowing outside. A wrought iron railing can prevent many slip injuries and fall accidents.

  • Durable

Wrought iron is one of the durable materials which have been designed to withstand the weather including snow and rain, without even getting damaged or rusted. If properly maintained, they can last for many years.

  • Different style options

The wrought iron porch railing or handrails can be easily customized in different kinds of designs. Wrought iron is one of those metals that can be easily molded in different patterns and shapes. You can create your own design too. You can customize your rails to improve curb appeal of your new home or can refurnish design of existing house.

  • Increases Home’s value

Usually, homeowners choose wrought iron railings due to their appearance and layout. They can add beauty to your home. They can improve your home or can even be an advantage if you ever choose to sell your house in the near future. Many potential homebuyers prefer wrought iron porch railings or handrails, so they can increase the price that you can get after selling it.


Wrought iron handrail is an interesting way to improve the market value of your house along with adding beauty to your home.

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