Buying Cricket Presents for Children

If you love the sport of cricket and have children in the family you might want to encourage them to also get involved when the time is right, making it a family event that everyone can enjoy. Starting off in cricket there are countless things that you have to consider so how should you start to plan when buying cricket presents for children in your family?

This question is even more imperative if you have a cricket mad child at home but you’re not into the sport at all and you are unsure where to start. How do you know what type of cricket equipment and clothing to buy. You don’t want your child to be left behind or have the wrong style of bat for their needs when you take them to join a local junior cricket team do you?!

Work Out a Batting Stance – This might seem like an easy question but so many parents just buy a right handed cricket bat or protective equipment for their son or daughter without first consulting their child on what batting stance they are likely to take. It is easy to ask your child to stand how they would naturally if they were at the crease and about to face a cricket ball. Stand face on to them and see which shoulder is naturally leaning, if their left shoulder leans they are a right handed batter, and vice versa.

This is the first important part of working out what type of equipment to buy your child as from here you’ll always know whether to look for right handed or left handed equipment. Some equipment, of course, is ambidextrous but it is important to know which hand your child is going to use so that they are completely comfortable when out in the field of play and in practice sessions.

Choosing the Right Size Cricket Equipment – Every person is different and the sizing options should be researched and tried out before purchasing. This is just as important for adults as it is children. The difference with buying the right size cricket equipment for children is that you need to leave a bit of growing room for them in order to make it comfortable enough for them without restricting them, and to keep the on-going costs down for you!

Spending Money on Junior Cricket Equipment – As with anything, there is a correlation between the price you will pay for cricket equipment and the standard of the goods. With junior cricket equipment though it matters how long they will be using each piece of equipment. For instance, for cricket clothing it doesn’t really matter how much you spend as there aren’t the inherent safety features as there is with a cricket helmet say. With a bat, if you think there is a good couple of years of growing before a new cricket bat is required it might be worth spending a little bit more money.

For all aspects of purchasing cricket gifts for children have a clear mind of how much you’d like to spend, understand the child in question and have the balance between safety, comfort and level of spending for them to really enjoy their junior cricket!