Buying Shoes for Your Children

Buying any type of clothing for your children is at times difficult and that includes finding the perfect shoes for them. Some kids are very particular about the shoes they wear so you want to make sure the shoes you buy them are ones they are going to be happy with. While your first instinct may be to take your child with you while shopping, you know that’s not always easy to do. Even if you do, he or she may not necessarily find shoes. If you’re shopping for shoes online or aren’t taking your child shopping with you, here are a few tips to help you find the best shoes that your young one won’t reject.

What Do They Like?

There are many different shoe options out there for your children. What type of shoes have they liked wearing in the past? Some only like shoes that are slip-ons while others have learned how to tie shoelaces and enjoy wearing sneakers. Some kids hate shoes but will wear sandals, although the weather doesn’t always permit that.

Colour and design are also two important elements to keep in mind. There are some shoes out there that have cartoon characters or logos on them that your child may like. On the other hand, sometimes what a kid likes one day will have fallen out of favour the next, so always be careful here. Colours are usually a much safer choice, especially if your child has had a favourite colour for years.

What Is the Weather?

If you’re purchasing shoes in the colder months, you may want to look at kids sneakers or boots. If it’s warmer out or you live near the beach, sandals or slip-on shoes may be a better option. This is especially true if your child doesn’t like wearing socks or wants to go barefoot a lot. Having shoes that he or she doesn’t have to tie can be very helpful.

Make Sure You Have the Right Size

Children go through growth spurts and your child’s shoe size can change in as little as a few months. Make sure you have the right shoe size or that you’re ordering from an online store that has a fairly easy exchange policy. You may find that your child’s shoe size has changed just enough that his or her current size is a little too tight now.

Never let your child wear shoes that he or she says are too tight or uncomfortable. Shoes that don’t fit quite right can do more than just cause discomfort. They can actually cause your child’s feet to not grow properly. If you’re in doubt as to a size, always go with the larger size. Your child’s foot can always grow to accommodate the larger shoe but it can’t shrink.

What Activities Will He or She Do?

Children who are more active may need shoes that provide additional support or are designed for rugged use. If your child is playing sports, make sure the shoes are designed to stand up to that kind of use.