Choosing the Right Hair Straighteners Made of the Right Materials

If you are looking for a versatile hair tool to easily get your hair smooth, you need a hair straightener. Regardless of your hair type or chosen look, this hair care product can give your hair a magical makeover. While a flat iron is beneficial to any type of hair, users must know how every kind works to be sure they use the right one.

When it comes to picking a new hair tool, it is imperative to consider the kind of material the tool is made out of.  A hair straightener is characterized by clamp-like structure that has a hot plate on every side. Often, this tool is made with the following materials.

Ceramic Plates

 These straighteners tend to heat up evenly and quickly. With them, you can expect a straight, sleek finish. They are your perfect fit to have a straight hair on the go. To smooth out fly-aways, try to use a hair serum.

Glass or Metal Plates

These tools are available in the market for a cheap price that you can definitely afford. But while they seem to be a great option, they have scorn-worthy plates since preheating them takes forever. And after being good to go, the plates tend to be unevenly heated that could possibly result in your hair in some spots to be burnt. Check for options at

Tourmaline Plates

These plates are the newest hot innovation in the market these days. Tourmaline allows the straighteners to style hair fast with less heat stress on the locks. Also, tourmaline seals the hair cuticle to allow the tresses to appear straighter and shinier.  Aside from plates, uses will have to consider temperature. Know that thicker hair requires higher temperature range for taming it.

Titanium Plates

Titanium plates are famous for being durable and lightweight. They provide the style users are looking for without the cringe-worthy shoulder pain that may come with having the arm up for the hair masterpiece’s duration.

When choosing a flat iron, remember the pieces of information above and keep in mind that although hair straighteners can create smooth tresses, they can also create beach waves, bouncy curls and face-framing flips. And because it is very likely that you will fall in love with this tool, make sure you start off with a heat protectant product that will serve as shield to the locks from too much heat damage.