Dragon Ball Trading Cards to Begin or Expand Your Collection

Whether you are looking to begin your Dragon Ball trading card collection or strengthen or expand your current deck, you can find all sorts of different sets from a trading card supplier.

An important thing to note is that the Dragon Ball cards differ from the Dragon Ball Z trading cards, even though they are both based on the same franchise. If you are looking for the Dragon Ball collectibles, make sure that you are shopping in the right place. The Dragon Ball card game saw its debut in 2008, and while there are fewer variations and card types than other versions, there are still a ton of different Dragon Ball cards that you can collect.

Understanding the different cards will help you make a more educated purchase as well as understand the deck you have currently. This will also help ensure that you don’t purchase duplicate decks unintentionally.

Basic Card Types

Most card games based on media franchises such as this one start out with a core set of cards and later expand with the release of different styles. The original release of the Dragon Ball trading cards included warrior cards, technique cards, event cards, and wish cards. The warrior cards are used for attacking opponents, and the technique cards are the various attacks that you can use. Event cards are used to change the dynamics of a battle, while wish cards are used when you collect all seven Dragon Balls.

All of these cards have different levels of rarity, ranging from common to super rare. In between, you will find uncommon cards and rare cards. In certain packs, you will also find gold cards and holographic cards.

Five Styles of Cards

You are going to see five different styles of cards in the game, and they include super, earth, alien, unique, and villain cards.

Super cards are purely Z warriors, while earth cards are Z warriors that are humans. Aliens can be both bad and good, but these cards are creatures not from earth. Villain cards are, of course, the bad characters, while unique cards include any cards that don’t fall into the above categories.

Sets and Super Sets

Sets and super sets are typically created out of new storylines in the series, with the most recent super set being the Cross Worlds set, which features new black cards and characters from the GT series. Most of these sets come with over one hundred different cards, and the different sets include union force, galactic battle, destructive fury, the awakening, and more. You will find everything from new characters and common cards to black cards, foil cards, and rare cards to add to your collection.

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