Everything You Need to Hire for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is fun, romantic, and exciting but it can also be extremely stressful. There’s so much to plan for including the food, the drinks, the music, and the photos. You need to make sure that everyone has the right clothes, knows how to get to the venue, and knows what wedding gifts to get you. Aside from all of this, you also need to figure out how to budget everything so that you don’t overspend and waste money on things you could do without.

There are so many purchases involved in wedding planning, such as decorations, clothing, alcohol, and more. When it comes to getting certain supplies for your wedding, however, you should know that it might be cheaper to hire the supplies rather than purchasing them. If you’re not sure what to buy versus what to hire, you should learn more about how party hire in Melbourne can save you a lot of money and help keep you under budget for your wedding.

Hire Your Dishes, Utensils, and Glasses

You want your wedding to be fancy. Paper plates and plastic forks aren’t going to do your wedding justice. You need porcelain plates, proper forks, and maybe even crystal glasses. But the problem is that buying these supplies would cost a fortune. You should consider hiring your plates, utensils, and glasses instead. There are party supply hire companies that are dedicated to getting wedding planners such as you the supplies you need at an affordable cost. These companies offer crockery supplies such as entrée plates, coffee mugs, silverware, and more. All you need to do is clean them before you return them.

Hire Your Tables and Chairs

You’ll be surprised to learn how much more affordable hired chairs are. Chairs are built to be used for more than one event, which is why purchasing them is only smart if you’re going to use them again. Hiring chairs is much smarter as event supply companies can offer several different styles and rates ranging from economical to luxurious.

Tables are equally pricey, especially if you want big tables that can seat eight or more guests. Stay under budget by hiring your tables instead of purchasing them. Pro tip: reuse the chairs from the ceremony for the reception by asking each guest to carry his or her chair to the tables in the reception area.

Be Sure to Hire Your Glassware as Well

At a wedding, there are usually a couple of different types of glasses. There are water glasses, wine glasses, and cocktail glasses. In some cases, there may be a few other types of glasses as well, such as champagne glasses. Purchasing all of this glass would be a waste since you’ll never need two hundred glasses again after the wedding.

Glasses get broken at weddings all the time. When this happens, you’ll have to replace any glasses that you hire. However, replacing broken hired glasses is still more affordable than purchasing all of your glasses.

Reach out to your local event hire company to learn more about the kinds of things that you can hire for your wedding.