Great Benefits of Purchasing Certified Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a dream car for majority but can be a little more than their budget, while some are just thrifty spenders. Fortunately, they can buy certified pre-owned [CPO] Mercedes-Benz.

Check the Mercedes Nashville used car dealership, where you will gain access to desirable models. In addition, you will get guaranteed performance as it is checked thoroughly, according to Mercedes-Benz standards.

Great benefits of purchasing certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz

32-point inspection process

This guarantees that the exterior is free from ding, dent, scratch, and scuff. In addition, this inspection covers from deep interior cleaning to replacing mats, molds, and trims to touch ups of scratches to exterior waxing.

Extensive engine checks

Basic fluids are checked, oils are changed and there is a thorough inspection of engine system and components. The technicians make sure that all the filters, plugs, belts, and engine mounts are operating smoothly.

Road test

For certification there is a road test, where inspectors check optima engine performance, minimal driver-train vibration, and accurate reports from all equipment. If a single of these tests fail then the problematic area gets addressed immediately prior it gets added to CPO vehicles inventory.

Unlimited mileage warranty

Surprisingly, even if the car is pre-used you as the new owner of this CPO Mercedes-Benz get 1-year total warranty coverage.

24-hour roadside assistance

Many dealers offer CPO cars 24-hour road side assistance for same warranty period. Dead Batteries, flat tires, and empty tank get serviced without any charge, just call them whenever you get stranded in middle of nowhere.

Gain support form nationwide Mercedes-Benz dealers

Every authorized CPO Mercedes Benz dealership honors CPO warranty without any question.

Stress-free exchange of CPO car

CPO Mercedes Benz dealers give buyers 500 miles or 7 days to decide if they wish to kep the car. If they are dissatisfied then they can exchange the model before the expiry of milestones. They can choose another CPO Mercedes Benz of equivalent or greater value [able to pay the difference].

Trip interruption coverage

Owner gains peace of mind to take their certified Mercedes Benz on a long trip. Any kind of warranty covered failure is eligible for reimbursement up to three days. Owners need to maintain their lodging, meals, and transportation receipts. The dealership will cover difference up to specific daily cap until your car is getting serviced.

Car handover process

Handover process of CPO Mercedes is similar to new ones. The sales rep will give you relevant certificates and make sure you are aware about the benefits and warranty feature.