Horseback Riding Safety 101- Learn not to Risk Your Safety

Horseback riding is very exciting and also very relaxing. It‘s one of those activities that you probably do not get to engage in a lot but then when you do, it gives you a thrill like no other. You need to make sure that you get yourself the best quality horse riding equipment before you go out into the fields with your prized horse. This equipment is not made only to make riding more comfortable; it is made, most importantly, for your safety.

Many people risk their lives when they go horse riding without any protective gear. When you watch the movies you are bound to think that it is very easy to ride a horse without any kind of specially designed shoes. The films deceive quite a lot. Even if it was possible to go horseback riding without the shoes, it is safer to get yourself the right riding boots for the task.

Staying safe while riding

The equestrian clothing that you see people in is not for beauty or entertainment as much as it is for safety. This is not to say that you cannot look stylish when you are on the back of your horse. There are actually some items that you can leave behind; for instance a helmet. There is no need for these most of the time unless of course you are riding in a place where you are bound to fall off your horse or worse yet if you are riding an untrained horse.

One of the most important items for your safety is the riding boots. Make a point of picking out the best quality of boots before you go anywhere near the horses. Never walk into the stables with a pair of flip-flops. While you can drive a car in flip-flops you need strong footwear for when you go anywhere around horses. They step on people, as they get excited. When you are out in the fields you might find yourself in wet, muddy places. It is not fun when you have to remove a pair of socks that are soaked in water. The boots you get will determine whether you will be doing this a lot or not. They often come with a metallic protection at the toe section; just in case your horse steps on you.

Bring in the jackets

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