How To Choose Color And Finish Of Your Kitchen Appliances?

Kitchen appliances need to blend in your decorating scheme. Today, you can by appliances in variety of styles and colors. However, you will need to consider the kitchen cabinetry, material, colors, and theme to decide the proper appliance.

Choosing the right type of appliance will instantly brighten up your kitchen and its interiors. Sélection d’electromenagers is never an easy task with different styles and colors to choose from.

What you desire to attain?

A kitchen with retro theme can easily buy retro-looking appliances with colors that suit the surrounding decor. Traditional interiors can work well with standard styled appliances. Sleek appearing styles or stainless steel appliances complement the modern theme. Whenever you mix and match themes, be aware that large appliances are costly and difficult to replace.

Material selection

Material of the appliance is one of the most important criteria that you need to choose carefully. A smooth surface is undoubtedly easy to maintain than the textured ones because dirt can settle inside the tiny crevices.

Stainless steel has a reputation of showing scratches and fingerprints. Floating lass and rubbed bronze display different sheen on the surface of the appliance. Veneers can be stained, so as to merge with kitchen cabinetry.

How to choose colors and why?

When cabinets are wood then stainless steel appliances help to give visual break. They highlight the luxury of wooden cabinets patterning. Include metallic handles to the cabinet for keeping room tied together.

For bold blue cabinet steel appliances is an excellent complement. Black appliances with white cabinetry can work wonders in spacious kitchen. Dark appliances help to break long walls. It keeps the vast space feeling more relaxed and warm.

In super compact kitchen paneled appliances help to create more streamlines look. It makes space seem large and tied together. If you enjoy lots of wood then paneled appliances help to keep modern comforts concealed from sight. You can enjoy the natural vibe without any interruption.

Among white appliances only white refrigerator is popular. You can have white appliance in kitchen with cabinetry in pale neutrals. White appliance will help to highlight their slight undertones. When the ceiling of the kitchen is dark then the space looks damped but white appliances can be your best solution.

Appliances are available in –

  • Primary colors like red, yellow, and orange
  • Pastel colors like turquoise and pink
  • Neutral colors like brown and gray

All these look good with specific decorating themes. You can use small appliances in pastel or bright shades and the large ones with neutral shades.

If you plan to resell your house than choose stainless steel or pick black or white appliances.

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