Is It Okay To Use Running Shoes For Playing Tennis? Find Here!

Tennis is an engaging sport, and if you are just starting out, it is important that you get a good pair of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are designed for the sport, and some of the biggest brands, such as Asics, Nike, New Balance, and Adidas, have their own collections. This brings to the main question – What if you don’t want to spend on tennis shoes right away? Should you use a pair of running shoes?

To be fair, tennis shoes are designed for lateral support, simply because you will be running and moving on the sides more frequently. The best tennis shoes for ankle support are designed to offer that cushioning, and you will find options that are created for specific types of playing surfaces. Athletic shoes, in general, are more designed for forward motion, and that’s also true for training and gym shoes. While running shoes are designed for running, you can still use the same for tennis, although that might not be the best idea in the long run.

Summing up things, if you are serious about tennis, you can and should get a pair of tennis shoes, but if you are just trying out, it is okay to play with running shoes for a while.

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