Making a Splash This Summer

Summer heat blazes, and sometimes it can be difficult to escape. Despite the heat, no one wants to be forced indoors on a sunny summer day. That’s why finding outdoor leisure products and activities can help keep your summer cool when things start to heat up.

Fun Summer Activities for Daytime

When considering daytime summer activities, keeping cool trumps everything. Swimming pools can keep you cool while providing a relaxing and even physically challenging environment. Swimming during the summer can go one of two ways. First, you could take the relaxation route. Hop into your pool with your giant inflatable swan and sail around while tanning in the sun, stopping only to take a dip when you get too sticky. Large pool floats can even be shared among friends and family, allowing you to socialise while keeping cool. The second option proves to be a bit more physically challenging. Swim laps around the pool, challenging yourself to beat your own personal lap record.

Keep cool while still enjoying the sunny outdoors. Don’t have a pool? Inflatable pools offer summer fun, while remaining cost effective. Inflatable pools, floats, and toys are simple to assemble.

Another fun daytime activity to keep cool is purchasing an inflatable water slide and inviting your friends over for a backyard bash. Finding a slide and splash pool in a local store or online should not be difficult and can provide days of fun shared with friends. Starting relay races and daring challenges can up the ante with these backyard inflatables.

If you already have a pool, water sports such as pool volleyball or water polo also provide hours of fun in the sun. Summer days are meant to be shared, and you can do so in comfort with a pool.

If your backyard proves uninteresting, take your favourite pool floats and go camping or swimming at a local river. Adventurous river exploration keeps you active, while still being able to keep you cool with a dip in the water when things heat up too much.

Fun Night Time Activities

Even summer nights can be stifling. Finding fun, social activities for summer nights to keep you cool and comfortable does not have to be difficult. Spas offer the best of both worlds. Warm water protects you from feeling the cool on your skin when you hit the water. At the same time, though, it offers a haven for you to escape to the outdoors, out of your hot, sticky home. Don’t own a spa? Consider an inflatable spa that easily fills and breaks down for simple storage during off season. Many spas seat a large number of people, making it the perfect activity for a group of friends during summer evenings.