Meeting Your Other Half’s Parents For The First Time – Style Do’s And Don’ts

Dressing to impress is incredibly important. Whether you are at work or out on a date, being aware of your appearance should be one of your main concerns. Meeting the other half’s parents for the first time is another occasion where putting a lot of thought into your appearance will pay off. They are more likely to react favourably if they see that you have put the effort in to look good. This doesn’t mean turning up at the house in a full tuxedo, but it does mean that grabbing the first thing you come across in the wardrobe is a bad idea.

Read on to find out more about the style do’s and don’ts of an initial meeting with your partner’s mum and dad.

Dress Smartly

It is important to look smart when you are meeting your other half’s parents. Buy several casual mens suits to have different choices. Wearing one will impress them because they will see that you are a well-groomed individual who is striving to make the best impression possible. A casual suit paired with a tasteful shirt will give them the message that their daughter is going out with a well-put-together person. They will be much less likely to respond favourably if you arrive in a smelly t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Wear Cufflinks

 Cufflinks are a simple way to make a shirt to even more appealing than it already is. Choose a simple pair of cufflinks that will complement the rest of the outfit. Gold cufflinks can sometimes look a little ‘showy’, but silver cufflinks look incredibly stylish without distracting any attention from your other clothes. Try to avoid cufflinks which have more complicated patterns because these should be saved for more formal occasions.

Choose Sensible Colours

 Loud, clashing patterns or dayglow clothing is a good way to show off your personality, but these clothes are best kept in the drawer when it is time to meet the other half’s parents. It might not appear obvious to you, but loud colours and patterns could be off-putting for the parents. Sensible colours and patterns are preferable.

Don’t Forget About Footwear

 You might spend an hour picking out the right jeans, shirt and jacket to wear and then forget about your footwear. Turning up in a pair of worn and dog-eaten trainers won’t make a very good impression. If you are wearing boots with the outfit, make sure that they fit with the rest of the outfit. For example, brogues and jeans are a bad mix. Instead, why not wear slip-on cowboy boots with black jeans? This combination is both effortlessly stylish and extremely smart.

Don’t Wear Ironic Or Potentially Offensive T-Shirts

 Ironic t-shirts or ones with offensive slogans are all the rage in the 21st century. However, older generations often confess to being confused or irritated by this particular fashion. It could be a good idea to wear something else in order to avoid any awkward situations.

Hopefully, this guide has made you more confident about choosing what to wear when meeting your partner’s parents.