Shopping for Travel Insurance Policies and their Coverage

When travelling, you never know what may happen: you could be the victim of a crime, become sick or the airline may lose your luggage. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself for almost any event by purchasing travel insurance. There are different types of travel insurance policies available from insurance carriers, including those below.

Regular Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies are designed to protect individuals wherever they travel, including overseas. When travelling domestically, any medical expenses you incur will be covered by Medicare, but other expenses may be covered by a travel policy. If your flight is delayed, your luggage is lost or you have personal items stolen, most of the expenses will be covered by the policy. If you need coverage for an overseas trip, Now Travel Insurance is an online, low cost option for regular and add-on policies.

Business Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling for business, you can purchase an add-on policy for regular travel insurance. The add-on policy covers expenses most travel insurance policies don’t, including lost, damaged or stolen business equipment including computers. It also covers equipment hire or expedited delivery of replacement equipment, lost or stolen business money and lost, stolen or damaged product samples. Frequent business travellers should consider purchasing an annual travel policy, because they will be covered for an unlimited number of trips for 12 months.

Extreme Sports Coverage

When you’re travelling to go skiing, surfing or scuba diving, you need to consider adding on an extreme sports coverage policy. Even though regular travel insurance covers medical expenses, it only does so for routine activities and not for sports considered to be dangerous. Some travel insurance companies will offer policies for specific sports like skiing or scuba diving because along with medical expenses. They will cover equipment rentals or cancellations due to unforeseen events, such as lack of snow, an avalanche or a hurricane.

Many companies offer add-on travel policies for golfers, which covers lost, stolen or damaged golf equipment and the costs of hiring equipment to replace yours. The policy may also provide a bonus when you get a hole-in-one, expenses for cancellations due to inclement weather and fees the course will not refund if you need to cancel your trip or game.

Wedding Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a destination wedding or if your intended is from another country and you’ll be getting married there, you can buy an add-on policy to cover travel expenses for your wedding. These policies usually cover lost, stolen or damaged wedding rings, wedding clothes, such as the bride’s dress, gifts for the wedding party and expenses for lost, stolen or damaged wedding pictures or recordings. If the wedding is cancelled or delayed, the policy may also cover travel expenses in those cases.

There are also travel policies to cover seniors, families and those with pre-existing medical conditions, which could otherwise bar them from buying coverage. Most travel policies are reasonably priced, but if your shop around, you can find affordable coverage for many different types of travel insurance policies.