Simple tips for when you don’t know what to take to a baby shower


Someone in your family or circle of close friends is having a baby shower and you’ve managed to avoid attending one up until now. Sadly, this one you can’t miss, and it will be obvious if you come up with an excuse why you can’t come, people will know. It’s difficult to know what to bring and what to do. This is an element of life you are far from familiar with. Spending the night dancing away in a smoky club getting home after 2 am is a more familiar stomping ground to the very contrived and formal environment that a baby shower proposes. But the time has come, and you can’t avoid, this time it is happening. Your name is on the invitation list and there’s no taking it off. So, what do you bring to a baby shower and how do you prepare yourself to survive those few hours? Here are some tips and tricks to knowing what to bring and how to survive.

What gifts should you bring?

Steer clear of pacifiers, disposable nappies and other items that are linked to a specific parenting method that may have changed. A great idea is a cosy soft cloth that can be snuggled with or a teething giraffe that is funky yet practical. You can also put together a gift box of lots of little things. Ask your friends who’ve had babies recently to give you tips on what to include in the gift box. Alternatively, go with what you know and do a gift box for the parents. A good old bottle of wine, some chocolate, bubble bath and other pamper items for the adult will be greatly appreciated.

What kind of food works?

Bring something light and easy to dish up. Sometimes even the yummiest dishes aren’t tucked into because it’s tricky to dish up, there aren’t decent-sized plates, or they only have disposable plates. People are surprisingly keen on fresh vegetables over large amounts of chips, cakes, and desserts. What you bring should be something you like, so that if all else fails and there’s nothing on offer that is palatable to you, you can eat what you are brought.

Is alcohol appropriate?

Babies freak you out and the idea of having to hold one is enough to keep you in the bathroom for the rest of the afternoon. While you may worry that alcohol is not the beverage of choice, sometimes it’s the beverage that gets you through the experience. Don’t be shy about having a glass of wine, but of course don’t start having shots and down-down competitions, that’s more for the late-night club vibes and should be avoided at a party where the main show can’t drink.

Can I bring a friend?

Your friend is probably just as unlikely to want to come as you, if not more. It isn’t quite the right place to bring a partner, so rather come armed with a couple of conversation starters such as, “what do you do?”, or “how do you know blank?”

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