Six Tips when Choosing the Right Blender to Buy

Choosing a blender often depends on the tasks you want to use the blender for.  A number of blenders in the market provide several features for a hefty price. However, you may not use these features and that there is no point buying an expensive blender with them. When picking a blender to buy, go for a quiet blender and one that you will need. Below are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider the Blender’s Capacity

Blender capacity ranges from one to three liters. If you have a room for it, pick a bigger blender. But, first of all think about the amount of food you wish to blend at the same time. Although you can get small lenders, you will want to go for a bigger version if you are looking to blend bigger amounts of ingredients.


Think about the Material the Blender is Made From

It is imperative to pick a blender with a sturdy footing. Such footing must be stable enough that the appliance will stand still on the table while being filled with lots of ingredients and doing its job. To have the best buy, go for a stainless steel blender. You can go for either plastic or glass containers. But know that glass containers tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts.

Consider How the Blender Functions

Some blenders available come with many attachments for various functions. If you want to chop herbs or whip cream, you might need to change an attachment.  Ensure that detaching and replacing the attachments are a no-brainer. Also, some blenders come with an ice button that you can use for crushing ice.

Take Into the Account the Wattage

Wattage for blenders varies from 500 watts to 1200 watts depending on the size and capacity of the blender. A blender that comes with high wattage is capable of blending easily and quickly. However, this type of blender tends to be pricy.

Choose One with a Variety of Settings

When it comes to settings, you will have to consider the pulse action and speeds. A blender that has a variety of settings let you mix a variety of ingredients at various textures.

Determine if the Blender is Safe to Use

The right blender to pick must be safely and easily to clean and store. If you are looking to place your blender at the countertop, go for one with cord storage spaces that has lids to make sure that cord does not get wet.

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