Smoking vs. vaping – How and in what ways is vaping better than smoking?

You click on any discussion on vaping on the web and you will find it to be compared with smoking. What is the reason behind this? This is because vapers were all smokers and had it not been for vaping, majority of the vapers would probably still be smokers causing immense harm to their health. Moreover, vaping has also taken the challenge of helping millions of smokers to divert from cigarette smoking and choose the better alternatives of vaping low-risk nicotine e-liquids.

Before you take to vaping, make sure you go through the customer reviews that you find at so that you may be sure about the pros and cons of vaping before you actually opt for it. Read on the concerns of this post to know why using a vape pen rather than a cigarette is perfect for your health.

The health impacts – Vaping vs. smoking

More than 60 years of scientific researches has proved the unanimous fact that smoking is indeed a very risky activity. Half of all the long term chain smokers will certainly face all the health impacts at a rather premature age. On the contrary, the science which backs vaping is pretty newer and it is well-known that there is no widespread harm which has been proved due to vaping.

As per the report by Surgeon General, which was published at 2014, more than 16 million Americans suffer from diseases related to smoking and 490,000 of them have been reported to die every year. Let’s take a quick glance at the health issues that are usually caused by smoking so that we understand how using vape pens are a better option.


Whenever there are toxins which mutate or damage the DNA of your cells and this soars out of control, cancer forms. While a tumor can stay local, cancer can also be spread from one organ to another. Cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer and in the US, lung cancer is one of those forms of cancers which affects majority of the smokers. Some other forms of cancer which are caused by smoking are leukemia, cervix, bladder, rectum and colon, trachea and esophagus, liver, larynx and lungs.

Are there any health impacts of vaping?

You must have already seen how vaping has never been associated with any such major health risk like smoking. But does that mean they’re totally safe? Well, though they won’t endanger your life, for few people they can have a slight impact on your lungs as inhaling anything apart from air will have a minimum effect.

Therefore, as we see that vaping is a safer and better alternative than smoking, you have to switch to vaping in order to stay healthy and safe.