Storage tips for Shopaholics

Shopaholics often have to take the pain of storing the extra baggage that loads across their room for the never ending shopping. If you belong to that status of shoppers, then we have a few storage tips exclusively for you that will help you in storing the loads of shopping you do like a driving passion.

Cupboard management

As you shop the new stuff, you have to manage the storage of the new ones along with the old ones, which is immensely challenging for you. You can give you best shot in selecting the worn out and the comparatively outdated dresses and worn out shoes from the wardrobe and get some room to fit on the new clothes, shoes as well as the other fashion accessories.

Use the travel bags to store clothes

You can use the travel bags to store in the dresses that you can’t store in the cupboard because of the lack of space. Instead of the duffle bags, you can try the trolley suitcases with ample space. We all have such bags at home that are only used when we are off for a vacation. Being a passionate shopper of clothes and accessories, it is inevitable that you will fall short of space. Then, it’s high time when you can take out the suitcase bags to store in the new clothes.

Being philanthropic

You can donate the old clothes, shoes and other stuff to the nearby church, orphanage, homes for the destitute etc. You can also store the clothes and accessories that you can send to the flood camps or to the organizations collecting aids for the natural disasters etc and so on. You can also auction the expensive clothes and help the NGOs in helping the old, destitute, homeless people.

Put them on garage sale

You can put the extra belongings in a garage sale if you want to earn some cash and buy more stuff.  That can be anything including the dresses to the household stuff, electronic goods etc. You can get some easy cash by arranging a garage sale and use the money either for shopping or for any home improvement jobs.

Rent a self-storage unit

You can rent a cheap self storage unit with climate-controlling feature and use the space in keeping the excess shopping. Make sure, you have chosen a local facility where you can easily access whenever you want to take out the new stuff or the old ones accordingly.