Tips For Buying Children’s Glasses

Some children become nearsighted or farsighted and develop bad eyesight early on in life. Regardless of the cause, poor vision in children and toddlers is increasing at an alarming rate and it is becoming a major problem. The only solution for bad eyesight in kids are eyeglasses as they cannot wear contact lenses at such an early age. If you’re a parent of such a child, then you must be aware of the difficulties of buying the right pair of glasses for kid.

Your kid is likely to be teased by his or her peers on glasses and that’s why it is important to choose the eye glasses your kid would want to wear. You can opt for glasses with cool features that your kid likes. It is recommended that you visit the shop with your kid in order to buy eye glasses but you can get a general idea about them at the various online shopping websites such as Glasses4U. In addition, following are some tips to consider for the perfect pair of glasses for your child.

Consider the lens width

The eyeglasses prescription by the doctor should be the primary consideration when buying eyeglasses. Consult with your optician about the width of the lens. If the lens is thick, then you should keep the frames as small as possible. This should reduce the blurred peripheral vision caused by the thickness of the lens.

Material of the Frame

Parents usually buy plastic framed glasses for kids because they think it is easier to replace them, in case the glasses break down during playing. But children insist on metal framed glasses to look more mature plus metal frames are less prone to damage in the first place. It is important to consider the right material for the frame. Also, if your child has previously shown signs of metal allergies, then try to steer clear of metal frames

Proper Nose Bridge Fit

The most difficulty you will find while buying eye glasses for your child is the nose bridge fit. The nose bridges of kids are not fully developed which makes it difficult to keep the glasses in their place. Metal frames have adjustable nose pads that can fit just about any nose but plastic frames does not have this feature, and they are usually manufactured to fit small nose bridges. Finding the right fit can be a bit troublesome.

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