Understand Your Body Shape And Select Your Spring Dresses Accordingly

Since spring is approaching faster, have you given a thought as to what you need to add to your wardrobe and what not? Well, spring is the most fresh and bright time of the year. So, keep away all the dark and dull winter clothing away and add some new dresses to your collection. Here are a few tips to help you select a perfect dress as per your body shape.

Wear dresses which complement your body shape:

Hourglass shape: This is like a dream body shape for every woman. Both upper and lower body is in same measurements along with a well-defined and small waist. Well, you can wear almost any and every dress and look extremely good. The thing is, your body is pretty balanced and hence you need to pick dresses which define your entire body.

Apple shape: Women who have apple shaped body have proportionate legs and arms, but a large belly. This body shape is often described as top heavy. Well, since your best assets are your legs, it is recommended to go for cute short dresses. Also, you can wear something which emphasizes your bust. A-line dresses from 310 Rosemont will also suit you well, but make sure to avoid large belts.

Pear Shape: This is completely the opposite of apple shape. If in apple shape the upper body is heavy and big, in pear shape you have the bottom heavy. Your waist is wide, hips are big and legs are round and short. One of your best pick can be a wrap dress. Seriously, if you think no dress works for you, try a wrap dress and you will see the difference yourself. Your hips are certainly attractive and a wrap dress will make it more defined.

Rectangle shape: This body shape is best described as straight. There are no definitions and the entire body seems to have the same measurements. Women with this body shape generally look more masculine. Well, there is one simple trick for you to look prettier this spring – try some floral prints and lacy dresses. These dresses not only look cute, but give you a more feminine appearance. Even embroidered dresses are a good option.

Oval shape: Women having this body shape have slender legs and arms, but are round in the middle. The waist is less defines and the bust is big. Well, since you have well-shaped legs, it is ideal to pick a dress which shows them off just right. Pleated dresses are also a good option since they cover up a less defined waist well.

If you are picking something in tune with your body, it will not only look good but also highlight the right parts of your body. So, keep in mind your body shape and shop, accordingly.

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