What makes electronic cigarettes safer and healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes?

E-cigs, the short form of electronic cigarettes are currently being marketed as the healthy and safe new alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. But before you think of investing in them, have you considered whether or not electronic cigarettes are actually safe. Do you know what the FDA has to say about these relatively new vaping products? With the gradual popularity of electronic cigarettes, will it lead to a considerable decline in smoking tobacco cigarettes and can it give a new life to the smokers? Before you get yourself an electronic cigarette from online stores like www.buyv2cigs.co.uk, here’s what you should know.

Electronic cigarettes – What they are and how they work

Electronic cigarettes are actually devices which are operated by battery and which are also shaped in the form of cigarettes which offer one of the best ways of taking in nicotine. In case you didn’t know, nicotine is an addictive drug which is found naturally in tobacco and this is one of the most popular ways in which people inhale nicotine. On the other hand, when you use electronic cigarettes, you can also allow yourself to inhale nicotine but you can control the level that you wish to inhale. They actually work by heating a liquid cartridge which contains flavors, nicotine and different other chemicals and this causes the vapor. Electronic cigarettes actually heat the liquid rather than heating tobacco and hence this is deemed to be smokeless.

What makes electronic cigarettes safer than conventional cigarettes?

The main difference between conventional and electronic cigarettes is that the latter don’t contain tobacco. However, you need to know that it is not only the tobacco which plays a role in causing cancer. There is a long list of toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes which have been proved to be harmful for people.

Since the year 2009, FDA has claimed that the electronic cigarettes have smaller levels of toxic chemicals and carcinogens towards which the users are exposed. The FDA also detected that there are toxic compounds that are found in antifreeze and these have been also proved to cause cancer. There are cartridges which have different levels of formaldehyde, sometimes at a higher level than even the maximum EPA that is found in humans.

As we know cancer takes time to develop, scientists and researchers will tell you that inhaling anything apart from air can have a detrimental impact on your lungs. Nevertheless, the harm caused by vaping electronic cigarettes is much less than the harm that is caused by traditional cigarettes. Hence, smokers who are looking forward to quit smoking can start vaping.